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I know that following up a Dietitian is extremely important after surgery. Instead of making myself crazy tracking, I use the FoodTrack and email it to her before each visit. She then discusses what she sees with me. It also teaches me how to eat and my patterns. It prevents “bad” habits from coming back or getting worse. Keeps me accountable.

Without the shake in the morning, I know I wont get my protein in the for the day. I also get a fruit in and even throw some veggies in it. Very versatile and functional!

Just from changing my bagel in the morning to a Baritrack protein shake, I was able to lose 5 lbs in 6 weeks. They taste great and I can put different things in them so I don’t get bored--- I know I will be able to stick with this!

I never was a breakfast person before- but I knew I had to attempt to become one if I was to go for weight loss surgery. Well now I can’t miss a day without my shakes. They are easy to make and I can drink them on my commute to work.

I am a younger bariatric patient and love using the discussions/circles in the app since I can identify with other people my age. Sometimes, since I am young, I feel I can’t connect with the adults. I love being able to chat about “teen” issues to other teens out there in my position!

I started my Baritrack vitamins 2 months before my gastric bypass as well as the shakes. I am currently 4 months post gastric sleeve surgery, not once bit of hair loss. I feel great. Thank you Baritrack!

I take my phone with me everywhere and am always on the run- the “what to eat” tool is so helpful, things I wouldn’t even think of to order. Eating out isn’t nearly as stressful anymore. I used to dread it being my turn to order…

I never saw a vitamin that has the amount of nutrients in it that the Baritack ones do. Great job, thank you for these- makes my life much easier. I actually take these daily since they are so convenient.

Just had my bloodwork done and it came out great- even my vitamin D which I always was borderline low. I was worried about vitamin deficiencies from all the horror stores I heard and read about. I take my Baritrack vitamins daily, drink 1-2 protein shakes a day and feel wonderful.

I had bariatric surgery 2 months ago. I use the app weekly to track my weight progress- I need the accountability and to be told “I am on track” from the bariatric professionals– it keeps me motivated!

I feel like I am drinking a milkshake when I have Baritrack’s chocolate, vanilla, and creamsicle shakes- besides tasting great with just milk, there are so many other awesome ways to make the shakes. They are a perfect, balanced start to my day. I feel great.

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